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Turn complex social campaigns into simple briefs.

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Holo app editor and brief preview interface

Successful social campaigns start with better briefs.

Turn ordinary influencer campaigns into incredible briefs with one simple tool built for social marketers like you.
Built influencer-first

Holo was designed for marketers based on user research directly from top social influencers.

Ready-made sections

You'll save hours creating new briefs by using pre-built campaign sections and social platform templates.

Digital-native format

Deliver your social briefs the way influencers expect; online, real time, and mobile-friendly.

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Build fast, launch faster

Requirements done right the first time.

Set up all of your campaign requirements, from timeline to content, using our flexible online editor. Make briefs as basic or detailed as you want, or ladder requests in as the campaign progresses.
Share digitally, again & again

One single source of campaign truth.

Sharing attachments by email or the cloud is tedious to track and causes major headaches when something changes. Made a mistake? Requirements changed? Just publish your brief again and all recipients will have the latest version, instantly.
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Visually tell your campaign story

Briefs that influencers totally get.

Not only are briefs easy to create, they’re also easily understood by influencers. Using visual aids, simple language, and digital delivery, Holo gets you and your creators on the same page way faster than before.
Inspired by true influencers

The one social tool that marketers and influencers love.

Communicating social campaign details with influencers doesn’t have to be so hard.
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Adrienne T.
I like that everything is in its own place, I can finally see all the requirements for a post without looking through a wall of text.
Grant L.
Production Manager
We use influencer apps, companies, and partnerships all the time, so this app is incredibly helpful to organize and streamline so stuff doesn't get lost in long emails and to-do lists.
Glenn F.
It makes me feel good. It’s all encompassing of what I’m supposed to do and I don’t have any questions afterwards.
Shayna L.
Growth Coordinator
I run our influencer program and our affiliate channel, plus manage paid media, so I could see myself using this for all different things.
Feature Snapshot

The magic of Holo
is in the details.

  • Fully responsive
    Tailored to all devices, campaign briefs look great wherever they're viewed.
  • Tons of granular options
    Choose from basic to super detailed requirements depending on your needs.
  • Backed by research
    All campaign editor options are based on research from top marketers and influencer campaigns.
Holo content requirements preview